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CCLI can provide two licences that will permit you to photocopy from authorised music or non-music publications.

To photocopy from music publications such as hymn books, you’ll need the Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) which is available as a supplement to the Church Copyright Licence.

To photocopy from non-music publications, such as books, journals, magazines and study guides, you’ll need the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Church Licence.


Copyright in the typography, the arrangement, fonts and setting of the printed page is protected for 25 years from the first year of publication. This includes printouts of downloads from the internet. So, even if a work is Public Domain a typographic right may still exist for the publication it is printed in.

Some publications include permission to photocopy in the purchase price. Always check the copyright information printed in the material you use for clarification.

Photocopying for the visually impaired

The law provides for certain limited exceptions for the visually impaired, and large print song sheets can be made without any additional permission from the copyright owner.

Fair Dealing

Photocopying is not within the scope of Fair Dealing which provides some limited concessions for works to be copied out for non-commercial research or private study, criticism or review.

Photcopying from newspapers

The Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) provide annual licences that permit photocopying from daily newspapers. The NLA Licence is available directly from their website:

Further Information

Fact File: Photocopying

This printable PDF covers the copyright implications of photocopying in churches.

Publishers / Producers

These lists show the music catalogues and publishers covered by the MRL

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about photocopying in church.