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Church services often include a range of musical and literary works many of which will be protected by copyright.

A licence or direct permission from each copyright owner will probably be required before you can audio/video record their work, or a performance of it.

CCLI’s Church Copyright Licence (CCL) includes certain Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) rights which permit CCL holders to record services including live music performances. You should however ensure you have permission from any speakers, musicians or performers you’ll be recording.


If you record a service which includes music played from a commercial recording, this is known as dubbing, and you’ll need a Limited Manufacture Licence (LM) available directly from PRS for Music which covers rights administered by both PRS and PPL.

The LM also covers the recording of weddings, concerts and church choirs/bands. Although PRS for Music and PPL have waived the requirement for churches to hold licences for music played/performed during Acts of Worship (regular services, weddings/funerals where no entry charge is made), their church licences are required in addition to the LM if you are dubbing (re-recording) music during activities outside of Acts of Worship.

Uploading to the Internet/Streaming

If you’re making church recordings available on the internet via streaming/webcasting or as a download/podcast you’ll require a Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) available directly from PRS for Music.

Further Information

Fact File: Audio/Video Recording In Church

This printable PDF provides more information about the copyright implications of making audio or video recordings of services, events, weddings/funerals in church.

Limited Manufacture Licence

More information on the LM from the PRS for Music website

Limited Online Music Licence

More details on the LOML from the PRS for Music website

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about making recordings in church