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CCLI offers an affordable solution to churches wishing to reproduce (write, type or print out) authorised song words in any format, such as OHP acetates or store them on a computer for projection.

Our Church Copyright Licence (CCL) permits you to do this, as well as to record your services for those unable to attend, without infringing copyright law.

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If you wish to photocopy from music/hymn books, in addition to the CCLyou also require the Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) because music publications include copyright in the typography. The MRL is available as a supplement to the CCL and includes this right for you to legally photocopy from authorised music publications.

Some Roman Catholic publishers are not covered by CCLI, but may be covered by a Calamus licence from Decani Music. Visit for details.

Why is permission needed to sing hymns?

The simple answer is that it’s not. CCLI doesn’t license singing or worship, but we do license the reproduction of copyright-protected hymns and worship songs for use in times of worship.

One of the questions we’re asked most often is; “Why are licences required – surely all worship material is free?”

This isn’t the case. Permission from the copyright owners is required to reproduce copyright-protected hymns and worship songs for use in times of worship, unless they are in the Public Domain or Copyright Free.

Before the introduction of photocopiers and multimedia equipment, churches purchased enough hymnbooks for each member of their congregation. The copyright fee (song royalty) was included within the purchase price and the publisher made a payment back to the songwriters/arrangers featured in the book. Because many churches now produce their own song sheets, or project song words, another system is necessary. The Church Copyright Licence and Music Reproduction Licence are a convenient solution for churches and ensure songwriters are fairly paid for the reproduction of their work.

Further Information

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Churches who hold a CCL can also benefit from a SongSelect subscription, which will connect your worship team with a wider library of song resources, and save bands hours of preparation time. Click here to find out more.