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The Church Copyright Licence (CCL) was introduced in the 1980s as a copyright solution for churches who were replacing hymnbooks with alternative ways of viewing authorised song words, such as overhead projection.

The CCL is a convenient alternative to seeking permission from each copyright owner, giving churches freedom to reproduce the songs they want to, while ensuring that copyright owners are fairly rewarded for the use of their work.

With the CCL you can:

Showing Copyright Lines

The copyright line, or ‘non-proprietary data’, shows the details of the person who wrote a particular song and who owns or administrates the copyright. It is part of the CCLI terms of agreement that all songs reproduced under the CCL clearly show the copyright symbol ©, the writer, copyright owner and year that it came into copyright, for example:
Fred Smiley © 2000 Happy Music Ltd, CCL Licence No:12345.

Making Musical Arrangements

The CCL also allows you to make musical arrangements for transposing instruments where no published version is available – an invaluable asset to church bands which include wind or brass instruments.


Under the CCL Terms of Agreement it is necessary to report the songs you have reproduced under this licence. We recommend you do this on a weekly basis.

Licensing an Event

The CCL is also available as either an adult or a youth event licence if you only require cover for a limited time, for example an outreach event. Licence fees are based on the average number of people attending the event.


If you would also like to photocopy directly from authorised music books/publications you’ll almost certainly need the Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) which is available as a supplement to the CCL.


SongSelect is a website featuring the largest available collection of downloadable song lyrics, lead sheets and chord sheets.  Designed to offer worship teams with convenient, legal and affordable access to thousands of worship song resources, SongSelect is available as a supplement to the CCL.

Licence Fees

The annual cost of the CCL is based on the average aggregate attendance at your main service. If you’re already a CCLI licence holder we’ll calculate the fee pro-rata to the expiry date of your existing licence(s). Contact us for details.

Church Copyright Licence (CCL)
Attendance Category Licence Fee
1 - 14 AH £48.00
15 - 49 A £72.00
50 - 99 B £126.00
100 - 249 C £206.00
250 - 499 D £286.00
500 - 999 E £374.00
1000 - 1499 F £460.00
1500 - 2999 G £568.00
3000 - 4999 H £724.00
5000 - 9999 I £986.00

Terms of Agreement apply.

Further Information

Fact File - Reproduce/Project Song Words

This printable PDF covers common questions such as ‘What counts as a reproduction?’ and ‘Can we change the words?’, plus information about showing copyright lines and the Online Reporting process.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about reproducing / projecting songwords