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Not sure which licences you need? This table will show you at a glance.

Click on an activity to find out more about the licences required, or on the name of a licence for full details of what that licence covers. When you know which licences you need, you can view the licence fees and apply online.

CCL MRL PRS for Music CLA CVL PPL SongSelect Basic SongSelect Advanced Melody
Reproduce the words of hymns and worship songs (e.g. projection)
Photocopy hymns and songs from authorised publications
Perform live music outside times of worship for social activities
Play music from a sound recording outside times of worship (e.g. social activities, youth groups etc.)
Make audio / video recordings of church services for non-commercial use
Play music from a sound recording during times of worship, weddings & funerals No licence required
Show films or film scenes outside times of worship
Show film scenes during times of worship only
Photocopy from magazines or non-music books
Download Song Lyrics
Download song lyrics, chord sheets & lead sheets

Links to all our licences, annual fees and terms of agreement