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Downloadable Resources

Licence Kit

A guide for all licence holders, featuring tips on being an Active Contact, plus details of our licences and the Online Reporting process

Terms of Agreement

Our licence Terms of Agreement for churches

CCLI UK Licence Brochure

A summary of the copyright licences for churches

CCLI UK Licence Brochure (Welsh Language version)

A summary of the copyright licences for churches in the Welsh language

Church Application

Application form with licence fees

Fact Files

Lots of helpful information about how copyright affects common church activities


Download lists of publishers and producers covered by our licences.

Useful Guides and Reference Materials

Quick Guide Licence Table

Confused about what licences you need then click here for a quick glance.

Top Songs

The top 25 songs sung in UK churches and schools from the copy reports we receive


A directory of songs covered by the Church Copyright Licence


Frequently Asked Questions about copyright and our licences and applications


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