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We’ve created these handy printable information sheets to help you inform others in your team or congregation about copyright in church.

Click on each Fact File below to view them in PDF format:

TV Broadcasting, Satellite and Cable

Receiving TV broadcasts at church, digital TV shown in public, Sky Sports socials, time-shifting

Audio/Video Recording at Church

Recording live music (worship), dubbing, weddings, concerts, permission from contributors

Fair Dealing

What is Fair Dealing? Provisions for the visually impaired, format-shifting, file-sharing

Licence Concessions

Combined Licences, Mobile Licences, Itinerant Licences, Central Payment Process (CPP)

Photocopying/Sharing Files (Reproducing Typography)

This printable PDF covers the copyright implications of using of photocopying in churches.

Playing and Performing Music in Church

Performance of live music and recorded music, film soundtracks, music on-hold, musicals


What is a report/copy report? How do I report online? Why is reporting necessary? Is reporting ever optional?

Reproducing/Projecting Hymns and Worship Songs

When is permission required? Song reproduction formats, changing song words, copyright lines

Showing Films at Church

Short film-scenes in services, films for outreach & social activities, advertising, recorded from TV

The Church and the Internet

Web-streaming church services, podcasts, YouTube, downloading photos

Weddings and Funerals

Liturgy, hymns & music, scripture texts, music performance, recording the ceremony

Writing Songs for your Church

Protecting your new song, your rights, publishing, arrangements of other songs

You can also visit the Intellectual Property Office website for more information.